Best Tallahassee Outdoor Activities

Are you and your family planning a visit to Florida’s capital city? If so, you might be wondering what fun things there are to do in Tallahassee. Even though Tallahassee might not be the biggest city in Florida, there is always something fun to do here! Even if it isn’t college football season, you can always find something fun in the local area!

You have plenty of opportunities to explore the city, spend time in the water, and enjoy a delicious bite to eat. Take a look at some of the top outdoor activities in Tallahassee, and consider reaching out to a professional who can help you get the most out of your trip!

1. St. George Island

If you are looking for a beautiful Tallahassee beach, you will definitely want to check out St. George Island. This is popular among residents and visitors alike, and this is a beautiful place to enjoy the warm waters of the Gulf, some soft sand, and fun aquatic activities.


st. george island

You can kick back and relax, build a sandcastle, or go for a swim with your family and friends. This is one of the most popular hidden gems of Tallahassee, so you might be able to carve out your own slice of paradise!

2. Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park

If you love the outdoors, this is a place you will not want to miss. You can find this park in the northern part of the city, and it is the former estate of Alfred and Louise Maclay. If you love water, trees, gardening, and nature, this is not something to miss.

Because Tallahassee is relatively warm throughout the entire year, you can visit at just about any time; however, if you want to take advantage of everything this beautiful park has to offer, you will want to visit during the Spring, because it will be bursting with colors. As you take a look at the magnolias, dogwood, camellias, and azaleas, you may feel like you are looking down a kaleidoscope.

You can get even more out of this trip if you go horseback riding! There are five miles of trails to access, so you can easily spend the entire day here. Once you reach the water, you can rent a kayak, paddle around on your own boat, and even go fishing! If you are lucky, you may catch a few largemouth bass!

3. The Trousdell Aquatic Center

If you want to cool off during the hot summer Florida season, then you may want to swing by the Trousdell Aquatic Center. This is the perfect place for the whole family. Even though there are competitive swim meets that take place here from time to time, this is also a good place to relax, swim a few laps, and even give the kids a few swim lessons!

You can relax on a pool chair, take a dip, and enjoy a nice outdoor meal! Just remember to bring sunscreen with you! You don’t want to end up with a sunburn!

4. The Mission San Luis De Apalachee

If you are looking for a fun activity for the whole family, you will want to check out the Mission San Luis De Apalachee. Be sure to take a look at the outside of the building, as it is meticulously manicured. The mission has been recreated from the 17th century, but the lush garden grounds certainly do this building justice.

Mission San Luis

As you wander around the mission, be sure to take a look at the blacksmiths, the council house, the church, and the fort. The site is designed to look the way it did centuries ago, and every area is open to the public. Take a few minutes to explore every room, and imagine what life was like during that time. This will be made easier by the talented historical actors who will interact with you as you walk around. Of note, the mission is closed on Mondays.

5. Rockin N Stables

Lots of people love to go horseback riding during their trip to Tallahassee, and this is something you can do if you visit Rockin N Stables. You will have access to some of the nicest horses in the area, and they would be happy to take you on a ride that you will never forget!

You can explore some beautiful hiking trails, enjoy some of Earth’s most majestic creatures, and learn how to ride a horse! Regardless of how much experience you have, you may want to check out Rockin N Stables for some of the best horseback riding opportunities in the local area.

6. Cascades Park

If you are looking for another gorgeous park, then you will want to check out Cascades Park, which is located just south of the downtown area. The park has become an oasis that is filled with green plants, trees, grass, and flowers. There are beautiful curbing pads, the entire area is accessible to those who use wheelchairs, and this is a beautiful place to enjoy lunch underneath the famous Spanish moss.

One site that you do not want to miss at the Korean War Memorial. It is located in the middle of the park, and it pays homage to those who served in the Korean War. If you are looking for a workout, this could also be the perfect place to go for a run! Consider bringing your athletic gear with you during your trip to the park!

7. The Railroad Square Historic Art District

Do not overlook the unique Railroad Square Historic Art District! Even though it might be a bit warm outside, you will still want to pull over, park your car, and walk around. This is an eclectic area with something unique going on every day, so you never quite know what you will find. This location used to be the home of the Dominion lumber company, which was a major operation during the 1940s.

Railroad District

Now, most of the buildings have been turned into shops, restaurants, and art depots. The best time to check out this area is during the weekend when you can grab a bite to eat, take a look at the artwork, and enjoy the talents of local artists who will set up shop under awnings along the street.

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