Best Beaches Near Tallahassee

Whether you’re a student, on a business trip in Tallahassee, or you call Florida’s capital home, you don’t want to be this close to the beach and not visit one. In fact, journeys to the beach are some of the best day trips from Tallahassee you can take. But with its non-coastal location, you may be wondering: What’s the closest beach to Tallahassee and how can I get there?

Get ready to dig out your beach gear, call your friends or family, and schedule a beach trip because we have all the information you need to find the best beach for your next water-filled excursion. Read on to discover some of the best beaches near Tallahassee and answers to your questions about Tallahassee beaches.

How to Find the Best Beaches Near Tallahassee

To find out where to find the best beaches for day trips from Tallahassee are, we found out where our friends and neighbors from Florida’s capital are going. With input from Tallahassee natives, we compiled this list of 5 awesome beaches near Tallahassee. If you have enough time, they should all be on your list.

5 Amazing Tallahassee Florida Beaches


1. Saint George Island

For those who live in the area, Saint George is the place to go for summer fun. Unlike areas like Panama Beach that become overrun by tourists, real estate opportunists, and venture capitalists, Saint George retains that island getaway feel, which makes it one of the best beach day trips from Tallahassee.

Only 76 miles from Tallahassee, Saint George has the largest white-sand beach in all of Florida. While that may seem like a long drive, it is just one of the reasons to consider getting a charter bus rental for your beach trip. Without the hassle of driving, dealing with traffic, and trying to find parking, you can sit back, relax, and be having fun in the sun in no time.

2. Seaside

Located in South Walton, Seaside is a beautiful beachside community filled with adorable little cottages, white picket fences, and mom-and-pop shops. It is truly a Florida beach with New England charm.

Seaside was the backdrop for the late 90s film The Truman Show, starring Jim Carrey, which followed a man who had grown up with the perfect life in an idealistic town, where cameras had been recording his every move since he was born. The town of Seaside still bears that idealistic storybook atmosphere to this day.

If you choose to stay the night, Seaside can be on the more expensive side for accommodations. Fortunately, since it is only 2.5 hours from Tallahassee, it makes the perfect day trip from the city.

3. Panama City Beach & St. Andrews State Park

If you love the atmosphere of spring break, this may be the beach for you. For much of the year, Panama City is one non-stop party, complete with:

  • Thousands of students
  • Beach volleyball
  • Games
  • Contests
  • Common spring break activities

But if the spring break vibe isn’t your style, Panama City Beach is also home to St. Andrews State Park, where you can camp, fish, and enjoy some amazing beaches away from the crowd. In either case, these Tallahassee beaches are about 2.5 hours from the city.

4. Mashes Sands Beach

While Saint George, Seaside, and Panama City definitely offer some of the best Tallahassee beaches you will find, you don’t want to travel over an hour and a half just to get to a beach every single day of your vacation or summer.

Mashes Sands Beach is a mere 36 mile drive from Tallahassee. Shallow, marshy waters give way to pristine beaches hidden from the main roads, meaning these beaches get less foot traffic than others. Depending on the time of year you’re visiting, it may even feel like you’ve found your own private beach.

5. Carrabelle Beach

With dozens of covered pavilions right on the edge of the beach, Carrabelle Beach is a great place to host a picnic or party. Carabelle is still about 50 miles from Tallahassee, so if you live in Tallahassee or are visiting some Tallahassee beaches over the course of a week, we recommend that you visit this beach between Monday and Thursday to avoid the crowds.

So, how far is Tallahassee from the beach?

The answer all depends on where you want to go and what kind of beach you and your family or friends want to enjoy. If you’re looking for the closest beach to Tallahassee, your best option will be Mashes Sands Beach. You can get there in less than an hour from the city.

What is the most beautiful beach near Tallahassee?

Most Tallahassee locals agree Saint George holds this prestigious place in our hearts. When we plan a day trip to “the beach,” we are almost always referring to Saint George even if we don’t refer to it by name.

What is the least crowded beach near Tallahassee?

While any beach can be unusually busy, Tallahassee locals often think of Bald Point State Park when they want to visit a beach that seems more peaceful and private. Located under 12 miles from Mashes Sands Beach, this is a great location to walk on the beach hand-in-hand, enjoy the sunset with someone you love, or start a musicians’ circle with the sound of the tide as a backdrop to your songs.

What is the best beach for families near Tallahassee?

Saint George is a great beach for a family excursion. There are usually many young children playing together on the beach under the watchful eyes of their parents, but there is also more than enough beach to find a quieter place as well.

Carabelle Beach is also nice for big family gatherings. As we mentioned earlier, it’s best to visit this beach during the week or face the possibility of a large crowd.

How far is Tallahassee from the ocean?

On a good day, Tallahassee is about 3 hours from Jacksonville Beach, which is a relatively straight trip to the ocean. However, you’ll find amazing blue water and white-sand beaches near Tallahassee by making a significantly shorter trip to the Gulf Coast. Many people who live in the area claim the Gulf has better beaches, fishing, and year-round fun than the beaches on the Atlantic Ocean because the Gulf waters are more protected from the harsh tides.

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