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A shuttle bus is a great option for local travel, especially if you’re transporting a smaller group of people. With our premier fleet of shuttle buses, you can count on a safe, timely, and stress-free travel experience.

When to Use a Shuttle Bus

Not sure if a shuttle bus is what you need? Here are a few situations where a shuttle bus rental is the perfect travel solution for small groups:

  • Local Travel
  • Multiple Stops Around Tallahassee
  • Shuttle to and from the Airport
  • Special Event Transportation
  • Meeting Transportation

When you use a shuttle bus instead of having everyone drive in their own individual cars, you’re opening the door for a number of advantages and reducing the risk of potential issues.

Tallahassee shuttle bus rental

Benefits of a Shuttle Bus Rental

Traveling together in a comfortable, air-conditioned shuttle bus provides a number of benefits. First and foremost, you can rest easy knowing that your group will arrive safely, on time, and without issue. Everyone who would otherwise be driving will get to save on gas, avoid putting additional miles on their vehicles, and feel more relaxed by not having to deal with the stress of driving. Perhaps most importantly, your group will have more time to communicate with each other. That time is valuable whether you’re traveling with coworkers to an important meeting, touring different areas around Tallahassee, or heading to a special event.

For example, if you and your coworkers are heading to an important meeting, you can continue to go over the goals, topics, and other significant details on your way there. This will allow everyone to arrive with critical meeting information fresh on their minds, which in turn will help them feel more confident and will save valuable time in the office before having to leave for the drive.

Reduce the Risk of Travel Issues

Using a shuttle bus rental to transport your small group from place to place drastically reduces the risks of issues that commonly occur in travel. Here are a few common individual issues you can avoid with a shuttle bus rental:

  • Car Accidents
  • Costly Wrong Turns
  • Arriving at the Wrong Address
  • Unexpected Lateness
  • Difficulty Finding Parking

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At Tomahawk Transportation, our drivers know the roads. Every time you use a Tomahawk shuttle bus, you can expect your driver to be punctual, courteous, and cautious on the road. Contact our friendly support staff today to learn more about our services or book your next shuttle bus rental!

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