Flexible Charter Bus &
Limo Rental Plans

Payment Plans for Your Transportation Rental

When you need transportation for your tribe, you want the absolute best. But for many of us, cost can take a front seat to comfort, safety, reliability, and quality service. That’s why, at Tomahawk Transportation, we offer flexible payment plans for qualifying customers.

About Our Special Payment Options

Depending on your particular situation and transportation needs, we may be able to provide a special payment structure for your rental. Tomahawk Transportation payment plans are available for many of our rental options, including but not limited to:

  • Charter Bus Rentals
  • School Bus Rentals
  • Shuttle Van Rentals
  • Government Bus Rentals

Every customer has a unique situation surrounding their transportation needs. So, for qualifying customers, we are happy to create a payment solution that is unique to your specific needs.

How do I pay?

Typically, we accept cash, bank transfers, and most major credit cards. However, similar to our unique payment plans, we may be able to accommodate additional forms of payment. If you’d like to use an alternate form of payment for your rental, ask us if we can accept it. It’s that simple!

Discover Your Unique Payment Solution

Whether you’re from a church, school, corporation, government entity, or another type of organization, Tomahawk Transportation has you covered. To find out if you qualify for a special form or structure of payment, give us a call at 850-815-2626. One of our friendly support staff will listen to your situation and determine the best solution we can provide to get you on the road to your next destination.

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