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With a safe, reliable, and comfortable Tomahawk Transportation bus, your employees will be better equipped to enjoy your corporate event.  All of our buses feature limo-style seating, high ceilings, air conditioning capable of keeping the Florida heat outside, and more.

The decision to use a charter bus for your corporate event should be taken seriously as this is a decision your employees may either appreciate or resent.  Opting for a charter bus rather than individual travel brings the following benefits:

  • Your employees don’t have to worry about driving.  That includes traffic, risking an accident, putting a bunch of miles on their vehicles, possibly making a wrong turn, and having to find or pay for parking.
  • Your employees can use that time doing something else.  Since they won’t be focused on driving, your employees can spend their time working on a project, getting to know their coworkers better, reading the book they’ve never had time for, or even catching some extra zzz’s from that early morning departure.
  • Traveling as a group fosters togetherness.  It’s a decision that will help your employees feel more connected.  This is especially important if your corporate structure is such that your employees typically have minimal interaction with one another.

Still not sure if you want to book a charter bus for your corporate event?  Consider having each employee chip in a small amount to cover the cost of the bus.  It will far outweigh the personal costs they would have incurred by driving their own vehicles.

Whether you’re attending a conference, traveling to an employee bonding event, or flying to a destination as a group, use a Tomahawk Transportation charter bus.  Your employees will thank you!

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